Karim’s, Jama Masjid, Delhi

Being a non-vegetarian and always being surrounded by other kindred spirits, we have a tendency to always keep a look out for good non-veg places wherever we go. It’s a pain for our very few vegetarian friends but being the minority that they are, I guess by now they have become used to our ways. Do keep in mind I have nothing against vegetarian food. In fact, a lot many times we decide on places which serve both veg and non-veg. Keeps the lot happy.

Anyway, this time when we went to visit Jama Masjid, we couldn’t on any accounts have missed this heaven for non-vegetarians; Karim’s. Almost everyone who has visited Jama Masjid and is a non-vegetarian recommends this place. It’s one of the oldest eating joints around that place.

It’s kind of confusing traversing the narrow lanes of Old Delhi. As we always do, we asked people for directions and after some 15 minutes or so we reached in front of this very narrow passage. It didn’t look like this place could fit the famous place we were looking for. With a frown on our face we entered the place and came out onto a courtyard like place where a lot of restaurants with the name Karim’s were strewn about. Inquiring about it we got to know that the whole courtyard or whatever you call a place like that, belonged to Karim’s and we could seat ourselves any place we liked. So we did.

The menu had quite a meal to offer. We went for Tandoori Raan which was out of our budget yet we didn’t care much. We rarely do when there’s good food involved. A minute waiting for food is the longest minute ever!

And then it was time. We could see the big plate coming towards our table. We had to catch ourselves from smiling like idiots. We do that quite a lot, foodies that we are. In the space of time the waiter had placed our plate on the table and left, we had already dug into it. We had knives, not the cutlery knives but real knives to cut the raan. We saw crowds of people thronging near our table to see what we had ordered. I guess it was a rare one. It’s a big piece of meat and it’s impossible for 2 people to finish it off.

Tandoori Raan

Tandoori Raan

Anyway we cut it and we devoured it in no time. We wanted to order biriyani after that but we were so full, we couldn’t. So we pledged we would go back there again just to try out biriyani. We couldn’t yet leave  though. Every meal has to end with a sweet dish. We saw kheer in the menu, so we ordered it. Surprisingly it wasn’t actually kheer but mix of firni and kheer that they had served us. We didn’t mind. As with the raan we finished it in no time. It was so delicious and the flavours were so well-balanced, we ordered another batch. Finally with our bellies full and our pockets a tiny bit lighter (thanks to the raan), we left the place with smiles on our faces.

It was worth it.



Venue: Karim Hotel, Jama masjid, Delhi.
Must Try: Kheer
Value for Money: 4/5
Ambiance & Cleanliness:  3.5 (on the scale of how I had expected the place to be)
Crowd: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Hope you find this interesting enough to visit this place when you come to Delhi next.

Lots of Love.


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