A thing or two about me

Hello, Everyone!

This is my first post and this blog is going to be a big step towards my dream.

There are somethings a person wants to do in his lifetime. First, to explore the world; meet new people, document time as it passes by right in front of our eyes or just enjoy the cultures, the languages or food. Second, try out different cuisines; the subtle taste of that vintage wine, the rareness of the steak, the crunchiness of the Cesar salad, the texture of the crème brûlée. Third, to write a novel or an autobiography. Oh who doesn’t want to tell the world what their nifty minds could conjure up? Fourth, to make a film. A book has got to be followed up by a film, right? All good books have them adapted into films. And fifth, their very own a business, where they can order people about. There are so many more but alas! I can’t list them all. The crazy fun!

Now you might be wondering what all this has to do with me, eh? Good question but with a very obvious answer. I am predictable that ways. I want to do everything. I want to explore the world, eat the food, write that novel and turn it into a film. I want to be in the shoes of every person that has intrigued me. I want to know their story, I want to understand their perspectives on life.

Right at this very moment, my mind wanders into parts unknown. I have been there or maybe I haven’t. You might call me a dreamer, and I won’t negate that tag. All that matters to me, is that I live a life of NO regrets.

Thanks loads for bearing with me. I will be back with some interesting stuff for you guys to read.
Lots of love.


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